Whitetail protein pellet feed
Whitetail protein pellet feed

Herd 360 Forage Max 23% Protein Deer Feed 50lbs local pickup only

Herd 360
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The perfect supplement to add to your deer Herd's diet. Whitetails need an average protein intake in their diet of 16% to reach maximum potential. Most native forage doesn't offer that or does only for short times such as during spring growth. Factor in environmental conditions such as drought and the majority of wild free range deer just are not getting what they need. Forage Max deer feed helps offset that with a highly digestible 23%-25% protein content and 10.6% digestible fiber as well as adequate fat, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other important minerals. Made with grain and plant products such as alfalfa the deer will love the flavors in a deer pellet form. Available Locally by the bag or by the pallet. Shipping is limited please contact me directly at 803-341-0938 Hunt 360! #herd360 #hunt360 #herdlife #deerfeed #deerpellets