CAMLOCKbox Camera Mini Mount

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Easily move your camera from a trail to your bait pile, then to monitor your cabin with our newest mount!

The Stainless Steel Mini Mount is designed to attach directly to the back or bottom of your camera using the 1/4-20 nut embedded in the case of the camera. The 1/4-20 nut is the industry standard.  This mount can be fastened to almost any surface which allows you to mount your camera almost anywhere!

Mount comes with 3 bases, 3 ceramic coated timber screws, and 1 camera mount which makes moving your camera a breeze.  You can effortlessly mount your camera high in a tree or on a building and angle it to point in virtually any direction.

Once you have your 3 bases fastened you can quickly and easily move your camera and mount it in any, typically difficult position without a single tool. 

This mount was left unfinished so you can customize it any way you like - or just leave it plain! 

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