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Solar Battery Box for 12v Trail Cameras, Spypoint,  Spartan Ghost, Moultrie,  Stealth Cam, Cuddeback

Solar Battery Box for 12v Trail Cameras, Spypoint, Spartan Ghost, Moultrie, Stealth Cam, Cuddeback

Herd 360
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Unfortunately I can not guarantee a delivery date estimate this time of year.

Herd 360 is a side business for me. I work a full time 13hr swing shift job so I only have time to work on boxes on my days off but this business is extremely busy for me in the months leading up to and during deer season with shipping cameras and accessories. Some days I spend ALL day doing nothing but boxing up orders and printing shipping labels. All of the Herd 360 brand battery boxes are built by me by hand as time allows. I am very backed up due to their popularity and everyone needing external power for their Cellular Trailcams. I am working through the orders starting with the oldest. I can not guarantee any delivery dates only that I am working on them but they are time consuming. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to call me to talk or check on your order.


Built to order. Shipping time varies depending on how backed up I am.

Custom Solar setups are available. Contact me at 803-341-0938 to discuss your needs and application 

 With our Herd 360 exclusive Solar external battery box there is finally a 12v solar setup powerful enough to keep up with the demands of cellular trail cameras. 6v solar panels for deer feeders are easy to find but just can not supply enough watts to charge a battery when used with a cellular trailcam. Herd 360 builds these by hand using a 12v 10 watt solar panel. The panel has a sturdy aluminum frame and junction box on the back. Solar Charge Controller for preventing battery overcharge and to prevent discharge from the panel during times when there isn't enough sun for the panel to charge. The box has an oring gasket. The small box is large enough to use a 12v 10ah SLA rechargeable battery (NOT INCLUDED) and the large box fits up to a 12v 12ah rechargeable battery. The Panel is mounted to the box and can be strapped to a tree as a unit or placed on the ground. (Mounting strap not included) Our exclusive Stainless Steel protected cable is used to prevent electrical shorts encountered when squirrels or other rodents chew on the wires.

This is a solar charger battery box and does not include a battery. The batteries I use and recommend are Powersonic brand and can be found on Amazon or Ebay or you can use one of the Lithium Rechargeable batteries I sell.

  • 12v 10W Solar Panel 
  • Armor Clad Rodent Proof Power Cord a Herd 360 Exclusive with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug Or 4.75mm x 1.7mm
  • Prewired for F1 or F2 Battery Terminals 
  • Output Voltage: 12v
  • 12v Solar Charge Controller
  • Batteries not included

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