Solar Panel Kit for Spartan Battery Box With Quick Connect

Size: 10w Panel With Bracket and Strap
Sale price$ 59.95
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Herd 360 10 Watt Solar Panel helps you decrease maintenance trips to your trail camera, leave less scent in the field, and save money on battery replacements. Charge your Spartan GoLive or Spartan Ghost directly to keep the internal rechargeable battery up and running without any external batteries or connect it to a battery box to ensure uptime on any Spartan Camera all year long.

Package Includes:

  • One Solar Panel 10w
  • Quick Connect Cable to fit Spartan Battery Box
  • Herd 360 Solar Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Strap for mounting bracket

The battery box and camera are sold separately.


  • Package Includes: One Solar Panel
  • Product Compatibility: Spartan Battery Box Kit

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