Spartan Camera Direct Mount Enhanced Antenna

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This is 4g antenna works extremely well with most of the cellular trail cameras on the market today and outperforms the factory antenna often times. These will not fit the Spypoint cameras with out using an adapter. 

Fits Spartan, Tactacam Reveal, Ridgetec, CuddeLink, Barn Owl, Wise Eye and Others. This antenna will have more gain than the stock antenna on Reveal and Ridgetec as well as other models using a similar factory antenna

Model Number: SC-ANT-30. Made for the 4G cameras these antennas have proven to enhance other models as well. You won't typically see an actual signal increase in signal bars but users have documented improved sending percentages when faced with less than ideal signal situations.

This enhanced antenna will replace the stock antenna wireless scouting camera features SMA type of plug. It screws directly to the camera and it’s very easy to be installed. With the help of this enhanced antenna, your camera will find the wireless network quicker and save power in the sending process which will extend the battery life of the camera.

Typical 70%+ Efficiency and 3dBi+ Peak Gain.

Straight termination with SMA(M) Connector.

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