Spartan GoCam Solar Kit

Solar Panel Size: 15 watt
Sale price$ 219.94


When you install a solar panel kit, your camera's battery life increases exponentially, cutting down the time and money spent replacing batteries. More than that, the camera can now be left for even more extended periods, and will only rarely need batteries to be swapped out or exchanged. All of these aspects work together to ensure that you are not disturbing nearby wildlife.

Our kit now also includes a 10W or 15W solar panel mounting arm to make affixing the solar panel to the tree even easier.

This product is only compatible with the Spartan GoCam.

Included in each kit

  • 12V 18AH Battery (brand may vary)
  • Spartan Camera GoCam Battery Box
  • 10W or 15W Solar Panel
  • 10W or 15W Solar Panel Bracket
  • Slate RiverTree Mount for the Solar Pan

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