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Spartan GoCam 4G LTE W/Security Box, Master lock Cable and Padlock VERIZON or ATT
Spartan GoCam 4G LTE W/Security Box, Master lock Cable and Padlock VERIZON or ATT
Spartan GoCam 4G LTE W/Security Box, Master lock Cable and Padlock VERIZON or ATT
Spartan GoCam 4G LTE W/Security Box, Master lock Cable and Padlock VERIZON or ATT

Spartan GoCam 4G LTE W/Security Box, Master lock Cable and Padlock VERIZON or ATT

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Get Verizon or ATT Spartan GoCam 4G LTE Camera, Camlock Security Box and Master lock Cable Lock and Padlock for one low price.

Spartan GoCam as an innovator in wireless scouting cameras, is once again leading the way with the introduction of the Spartan GoCam 4G LTE (Connected by Verizon or ATT). The Spartan GoCam 4G LTE (Connected by Verizon or ATT) camera will feature ultra-fast image transmission, improved battery life and for the first time video transmission. In addition to an ultra-fast network, the Spartan GoCam 4G LTE (Connected by Verizon or ATT) will continue to use the app and web portal which allow for full remote camera management as well as image and video viewing.

Spartan GoCam is proud to announce the launch of a Spartan GoCam 4G/LTE (Connected by Verizon or ATT) featuring the AREUS camo pattern. The combination of industry-leading technology with one of the most desired camo patterns in the outdoor industry makes for an exciting addition to the Spartan GoCam lineup.

Package Includes:

  • Spartan Gocam US Cellular 4GLTE 
  • Master Lock Brass Body Padlock Model 4150
  • Master Lock 6' Cable Lock
  • Camlocbox Security Box

The Spartan GoCam, connected by Verizon or ATT, makes use of the nation’s largest wireless network to provide the widest signal coverage possible. In addition to the expansive coverage areas provided by the Verizon network or ATT, Spartan GoCams also feature data rates as low as $5/month to add to the existing Verizon data plan. Verizon and ATT plans can be purchased through Spartan. Pricing is as follows:


AT&T Data plan

Each thumbnail image is starting around 50k (640X480). Your 250M monthly plan will allow you to transfer 5000 images. Spartan GoCam offers 640X480 or 1280X960 thumbnail options. Spartan GoCam can transfer 2560X1920 image upon request.

HD resolutions:

3 MP 2048 * 1536
5 MP 2592 * 1944
8 MP 3264 * 2448


The data plan renews when you have used all the data in your plan or your time period expires, whichever comes first. You can cancel your subscription at any time under My Account / Wireless Subscriptions.

This plan includes our Premium service at no extra charge, a $4/month value. Premium service starts/ends on the same day of the month as the data plan.

Plans are linked to a specific camera IMEI and SIM card ICCID. Please do not use the camera with a different SIM card or the SIM card with a different camera. Doing so will cause problems with your plan because premium service for a camera is tied to its SIM and IMEI, and they do not transfer to a different camera. You will not be reimbursed for any loss of service that occurs if you swap cameras and cards

Disclaimer: All plans and rates described above are subject to change without notice. Any plans are found to be in effect as of December 2016. We don’t guarantee that these plans or rates will be available at any point in the future.

Spartan knows that product durability is important to the true outdoorsman. Spartan GoCams were designed from the outset to provide industry-leading durability. Features like an easy-to-use, but highly effective latch design, along with robust water-intrusion prevention make for a camera that has an impressive ability to stand up to the outdoor elements. All Spartan GoCams are backed by a full two-year warranty.

An often overlooked, but critical part of the functionality of a wireless camera is how the images are viewed. Spartan has designed an intuitive and easy-to-use app for smart phones, which is available in both iOS and Android. Along with the app, a web portal, which can be accessed from the browser on any computer, is also available. In addition to viewing images, both the app and web portal allow for full remote camera management. This provides Spartan GoCams a true two-way interaction between users and all of the features of the camera.

Spartan GoCam 4G LTE (Connected by Verizon and ATT) Package Includes:

  • Free Shipping
  • Black Out Flash GoCam
  • CamLock Box Security Box
  • Master Lock Cable Lock 
  • Picture,Video transmission
  • Send Settings-Photo,Video, Photo + Video(sends image and you decide to request video)
  • Thumbnail send sizes-Normal(640x480), Large (1280x960)
  • Video Size Transmission 5 seconds, 10 seconds
  • Custom Name Tag on Image Info Strip
  • Up to 10 Scheduled Events Possible
  • Two On/Off Trigger Settings
  • Time lapse with ability to schedule time lapse during specific times while in motion trigger operation at other times
  • Connectivity to the Verizon network for $5 monthly access
  • Industry leading durability backed by a two-year warranty
  • The best access to your images via the Go-wireless app or web portal
  • Class-leading image quality
  • Outstanding battery life
  • World class product support
  • Ultra-fast image transmission
  • Extended range antenna
  • Improved battery life
  • Ultra-fast network
  • Waterproof case
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Picture Resolution (SD Card): 3MP / 5MP / 8MP 

  •  Transmitted Images: 640*480 or 1280*960 thumbnail, 2560*1920 (upon HD request) 

  • TriggerTime: 0.6s  

  • Lens: FOV (Field of View) = 52°      

  • Night Illumination: Blackout IR Flash 2 

  • Flash Range: 80 Ft

  • Display Screen: 2.0” LCD    

  • Memory Card: up to 32GB  

  • Trigger: Motion (PIR) / Timer (Time Lapse) 

  • PIR Sensitivity: Adjustable (High / Normal / Low / Off)       

  • Trigger Interval: 0s - 60 min           

  • Time Lapse Interval: 5s – 60s, 1 min - 60 min, 1 hr - 8 hrs           

  • Photo Burst: 1, 2, 3

  • Power Supply: 4, 8, or 12 1.2-1.5v AA alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH optional: 6V external power     

  • Mounting: Tripod / Mounting strap / Python lock      

  • Operation Humidity: 5% - 90%      

  • IP Rating: 65

  • Camera Dimensions:  5 W * 6-1/2 H * 3 D

  •  Temperature: -4 to +140F (Operation), -22 to 158F (Storage)

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