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Spartan GoLive ATT

Spartan GoLive ATT

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Spartan GoLIve ATT 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera 

Note that the video above has a lot of feedback noise from running the screen recorder microphone and the media sound of the live feed. This noise is not present when viewing the live feed. 

The camera can do 15min segments of live feed with the ability to restart another session immediately. The 15min limit is a preventative measure so if the user forgets to exit out of the stream it won't continue running and drain battery and eat up data.

Spartan GoLive Features 

  • Will continue taking photos while sending photos
  • Ability to "GoLive " and view in real-time 
  • Upgraded the camera lens
  • Improved the video quality,
  • Increased the video length,
  • Reduced the recovery time (when trigger interval is set to be 0),
  • Optimized picture plus Video Mode,
  • Actions become real-time when the live stream is connected
  • Take the Photo Now Function 
  • Contract-free data activation

  • Industry-leading durable product backed by a two-year warranty

  • Convenient access to your images via app or web portal

  • Simplified power switch and control buttons with shortcuts

  • Secure flat head battery springs

  • Weekly operation customization

  • 5300 mAh Built-in Lithium Internal backup battery

  • GPS anti-theft feature that can allow you to locate your camera in the event it is moved or stolen