Spartan GoLive NON Chewproof Direct Connect Solar Kit Herd 360 Brand

Size: 10w
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ATTENTION These kits are assembled by hand. This time of year I am slammed with orders which will cause delays on filling these orders. Depending on how many orders I am backed up it may take a couple weeks or more just to get to your order. Thank you for understanding. 


The best performing direct connect solar kit for the Spartan Ghost and Golive on the market. The simple panel mounting bracket makes it easy to get your panel mounted in various setups. Our solar kit will help keep your Spartan Ghost or Golive internal battery charged up and running.

 The Spartan GoLive has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and the ability to connect a solar panel directly to the camera which will charge the battery during times with direct sunlight on the solar panel and run off the internal battery at With Herd 360's direct solar kit we take the leg work out of piecing the parts together.

These are designed to work with the Spartan Ghost and Spartan Golive cameras.


  • 10w or 20w Solar Panel Herd 360 High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel in All Black
  • Herd 360 Exclusive Universal Solar panel Mounting Bracket
  • Standard GoLive/Ghost Power Cord with Quick Connect 
  • Cam Buckle Strap 6'

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