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Want to get in to cellular trail cameras this season but you don't know what all you need? We have taken all the leg work out of it for you. In our opinion the Reveal X Gen 2.0 by Tactacam is the best, most reliable bang for your buck (no pun intended) in the cellcam industry so naturally that's our choice for the starter kit. Choose the package you want from the drop down menu. Each kit includes the factory mounting hardware but aftermarket mounts are available on the website if desired. 

Works with Both AT&T and  Verizon Networks 

Kit 1 Includes

  • Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0
  • Class 10 U3 32GB SD Card

Kit 2 Includes

  • Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0
  • Class 10 U3 32GB SD Card
  • Tactacam Solar Panel

Kit 3 Includes

  • Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0
  • Class 10 U3 32GB SD Card
  • Herd 360 Solar Power Pack

Kit 1 is your basic entry level cellular trail camera package with a Reveal X Gen 2.0 camera and the recommended SD card. The only thing you need to supply is 12 AA batteries and activate your Tactacam data plan using the Tactacam Reveal APP. 

Kit 2 adds a Tactacam Solar panel with built-in rechargeable battery to the Reveal X Gen 2.0 and SD Card. If you can put some sunlight on this panel each day and average less than 100 pics a night then this package should keep your camera running non stop through out the season. Use in conjunction with the AA batteries (won't charge the AAs) or as a standalone solar power setup and no AAs in the camera. 

Kit 3 takes solar power for your Reveal X Gen 2.0 cellular trailcam to the next level with the proven reliable power of the Herd 360 Solar Power Pack SPP1025. The SPP1025 has a 10w non reflective carbon fiber solar panel and 25,000mah battery pack to provide even more power and handle greater picture loads. The SPP1025 comes with cables to fit multiple brand cameras as well as a 12v, 9v and a 6v output. For all the Reveals you will use either the 9v or the 12v output. 

Security boxes, booster antennas and swivel mounting brackets are also available on the website. 

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