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The Mega Bank™ External Battery Box for Spartan Gocam or Covert Trail Camera

Herd 360

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 The Mega Bank External Battery Box

Two models available:

  • Non Regulated output
  • Regulated output set at 6.1v output to camera
  • Custom 12v variations available on request

The Mega Bank™ external battery box for Spartan GoCams, Covert Code Black and any other trail camera that utilizes a 4.0x1.7mm DC plug. Holds one, two, three, four or five 6v 12ah batteries for a maximum of 60amp hours of reserve power and like all the boxes I build all of the wire connections are soldered together before connectors are put on. There are two models, a non regulated model and for extra protection against voltage spikes you can get the model with a voltage regulator set to 6.1v which will also work if you decide to use 12v batteries in the box instead of the recommended 6v. The cable is our new exclusive rodent proof 5.5 ft in length Armor Cable™. No more electrical shorts due to squirrels chewing on the wire. It comes wired so that the batteries can be linked together in parallel maintaining 6v but doubling, tripling, quadrupling or the ultimate FIVE times the amp hour rating. You can also use a single 6v or 12v battery if that's all you have. These are made to fit SPARTAN GOCAMS but you may find other 6v brands and models are compatible with the plug. 


I find the best deals for 6v 12ah SLA batteries in a two or four pack on eBay. A two pack normally runs $26.95 or a 4pk for around $50 with free shipping. Search Ebay here.

For a charger here is the one I recommend.

 NOCO Genius G1100 6V/12V 1.1A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

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