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Herd 360 Spartan Gocam Trail Camera External Battery Box
Herd 360 Spartan Gocam Trail Camera External Battery Box

Herd 360 Spartan Gocam Trail Camera External Battery Box

Herd 360
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All of the Herd 360 brand battery boxes are built by me by hand as time allows. I am very backed up due to their popularity and everyone needing external power for their Cellular Trailcams. I am working through the orders starting with the oldest. I can not guarantee any delivery dates only that I am working on them but they are time consuming. Thank you for your patience. Feel free to call me and talk or check on your order.

This compact battery box holds one or two in parallel 6v 12ah SLA rechargeable batteries that will last more than twice as long as Energizer Lithium AA's and save you money in the long run by using rechargeable batteries. The cable is our new exclusive rodent proof 7' 8" in length Armor Cable™. No more electrical shorts due to squirrels chewing on the wire. It comes wired so that the batteries can be linked together in parallel maintaining 6v but doubling the amp hour rating.  These are made to fit SPARTAN GOCAMS but you may find other models are compatible with the plug. Internal dimensions are 8.2" x 5" x 4.4" Personal experience with good batteries is 4000+ images sent


Warning: This box is wired to connect two 6v 12ah SLA batteries in Parallel. This means positive to positive and negative to negative or red to red and black to black. This will maintain 6v output while doubling the the effective amp hours. Do not attempt to wire in series. Study the pictures here in this ad for proper wire hook up. 

I find the best deals for 6v 12ah SLA batteries in a two or four pack on eBay. A two pack normally runs $26.95 with free shipping. My personal preference is 6v 12ah Power Sonic. If you will search that on ebay or Amazon you will find plenty.

For a charger here is a really good smart charger that will properly charge your batteries Nocco Genius is a good one.