Setup Guide:
The Herd 360 directional booster antenna will provide a stronger and more stable signal connection over the camera factory antenna when properly installed. This will improve picture and video transmit time, improve reliability and improve battery life.
Items you will need to supply to install your antenna:
1. 1”-1 ½” diameter pole to mount the antenna on,
2. Post or T-Post to drive in the ground and secure antenna pole too,
3. A tool to drive post in the ground,
4. Zip-ties, pipe clamps or strap for securing the pole to post or T-Post and securing coax cable,
5. Tools to tighten nuts on mounting hardware.
This is a directional antenna which means you must aim it towards the direction where the signal is coming from. You will see the best performance when your antenna is elevated as high as possible and mounted out away from a tree at least 12" Mounting an antenna to a tree can reduce performance based on my testing.
1. Mount the antenna on a pole with arrow on the back pointing UP. There is a drain hole on the bottom so make sure it is positioned with the hole on the bottom. This pole can be strapped or secured to a T-Post driven in the ground one foot or more away from the tree. We have used a 1-1 1/4" emt metal conduit, pool cleaning 16' aluminum extension pole, painters’ extension pole or an Unger brand 24' aluminum extension pole, all of which I have found at Home Depot.  Remove the factory antenna from the camera and screw on the correct coax connection.
2. Now, with antenna elevated, turn camera to setup and allow it to search signal. Take note of the signal reading on the camera, if any, and rotate the pole and antenna roughly 10 degrees. Restart camera to force it to look for signal again. You MUST restart the camera at each new direction to see a signal meter change on most trail cameras.
3. Repeat this process in a full circle taking note each time of the signal strength.
4. Once you have completed the circle move the antenna back to the strongest signal direction and fine tune the direction.
These antennas are very directional and just moving a few inches in either direction off the tower can make a difference in signal strength. You may still notice your signal strength fluctuates throughout the day and night. This is normal, just like your cell-phone signal will move up and down every few minutes. You may paint the antenna housing with non-metallic paint. Krylon makes camo paint colors that work well. Secure excess cable elevated from reach of mice and rodents or other animals that may chew on it and damage it.


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