About Herd 360

 From the time I could venture outside on my own I have been a hunter. Anything involving a wild animal would interest me more than just about anything else my friends would be doing. I could find joy just in tracking a raccoon down the side of drainage ditch or around the edge of a lake near where I lived as a young boy. My passion continued to grow as I did and moved on to big game animals. With over 30 years of hunting experience I find more and more  how little I really understand game animals, mainly the whitetail buck. My interests now have evolved into more of a herd management mindset. Each year I kill less deer because I have become more selective, wanting to assure that my wife and children have more opportunities at older bucks and big healthy doe's than I do.

 Social media has allowed a look into peoples lives and their passions. I am a member of several hunting groups and am amazed at what seems like the norm for a large percentage if not the majority of hunters. There is talk about wanting to improve their herd, grow bigger deer and harvest bigger or more deer yet the only time they actually engage in some sort of process is right before and during hunting season which explains why many stores won't stock items like deer minerals until a month before deer season start even though this at least 5-6 months late.

 That's where the idea for Herd 360 was born. To develop a brand and products for guys like me that don't have unlimited resources or tons of equipment. To also generate a focus and a full circle mindset for deer hunting and herd management. Maybe your goals aren't record book buck but just a better quality of what you have available. You may be like me and have small tracks of land and have to deal with farmers and crop depredation permits shooting many of your deer in the summer. I believe you can still manage and attract more deer.  Over the years I have tried more products than I care to admit aimed at helping me harvest deer. Some worked and some didn't and surely some that didn't were the result of my mistakes. Herd 360™ products will be effective and offer a good value for your dollar. Some products will be from other brands that I use and support but most will be created just for the Herd 360™ brand. So follow along to see new stuff added as Herd 360 grows. Thanks for taking the time to read. #herd360

So here is a little summary about me: 

  • State of Georgia Licensed Feed Dealer 
  • I create and sell products to help harvest as well as grow healthy deer
  • Went to School for industrial electronics
  • I tend to be a tech nerd
  • Had a career in Turf Grass management for 13yrs
  • Herd 360 was started in May of 2015
  • You can contact me at 803-341-0938