Ridgetec offers a Flat Rate, No Contract, Pooled Rate Plan.

 Simple. Fair. Flat Rate pricing with Points Reserve.

 The Monthly Tier cost includes one camera.

 Add additional cameras for a nominal fee.

 Unlimited Cameras in your Pool.

 Points Sharing among all cameras.

 Every camera includes a FREE first month's service.

Pool Plan USA Includes (AT&T and Verizon) 

Monthly Tier*
Price (USD)
Add a Camera**
1,250 Photos
2,500 Photos
5,000 Photos
10,000 Photos
20,000 Photos
30,000 Photos
40,000 Photos
50,000 Photos
75,000 Photos
100,000 Photos
200,000 Photos
*1 Photo = 1 Point (Standard Resolution 800*450 Pixel Image Size)
**Monthly cost per additional camera

Point Cost per Upload:

Upload Resolution Photo Mode Video Mode
Low (640x) - 1
Standard (800x) 1 1
High (1024x) 4 3
HD 720p (1280x) 7 6
High Res MAX (1600x)/HD 1080p (1920x) 13 11

Note: For Photo Mode, this chart is based on Upload Quality set to Low.


Point Cost per Upload Resolution/Quality:
Upload Resolution Low Quality Medium Quality High Quality
Standard (800x) 1 2.50 3.25
High (1024x) 4 6.75 8.25
HD 720p (1280x) 7 10 13
High Res Max (1600x) 13 13 13
Note: High Res Max is delivered in a fixed, maximum quality regardless.

For Video Mode this is the actual points cost. Video mode is cheaper to operate than photo mode in general. Video clip uploads are requested on demand and are optional.

How our tiered pricing works

Pool Points
  • Each tier indicates the Cost and the Points awarded each month.
  • Pool points will be shared by all of the cameras in your pool.
  • Unused Points are not carried over into future periods.
  • Your Points Reserve points never expire and can be used at any time.
Automatic Billing option

Check this option on your plan to have the system continue billing you automatically, month to month.

Points Reserve Option

Purchase additional points to be used at any time should you run out of standard points. These points never expire and can be used for the life time of your plan. Reserve points are awarded at the Cost per Point of your selected tier, providing a fair, true flat rate cost.

Pay as you go Plan features

  • Do not require a contract.
  • Cancellable at any time.
  • Are automatically renewable.
  • Will use Consolidated Billing. The system will generate a single credit card charge on the same day of the month, each month.

**Our cameras ship with a FREE first month's service (5000 points).**