Verizon Activation

Use your web browser to go to
Create an account and log in.
Go to: Shop > DATA SERVICE.
Follow the steps to activate your data service.

The Spartan Verizon Camera give you two options. One you can add the camera to your existing Verizon Phone Data Plan where the camera will share data on your plan. This is called a Connected Data Device. The Second is to purchase the plan directly through Spartan. When choosing to purchase the "add to my phone data" route you would first contact Verizon and tell them you have a connected data device you want to add to your data account for $5/mth. After you have activated this plan you would then setup your Spartan camera account and add the camera. Because you are purchasing data outside of Spartan there is a monthly fee to use the app. It's done in the form of credits. One credit will give one camera a months access to Spartans Premium features (note the first month is free). It ranges in price between $3 and $4 dollars depending on how many credits you purchase. This is cheapest method however cancelling or pausing the camera data with Verizon is a little more complicated and may have re-connection fees through Verizon. The Spartan Plan includes all the premium features and can easily be paused and may be the best route for many who only use the camera a few months at a time.  

Spartan Data Plans For ATT,M Nationwide and Verizon Cameras 

Add an additional line at $5 each month
* We sell REAL data usage instead of image quantity because our camera can send Videos as well
* Free premium credits are included in each plan. 
* Add up to 10 cameras share 1 data pool. 
* Much easier management.
* Best pricing in the industry, guaranteed
For example, 
Customer A has 10 cameras, and he needs a yearly data plan.
Our current plan:  it's $199.99 for every camera, for 10 cameras, it would be $1,999.99.
Here's the new plan:
1nd: $199.99 for 12 months, 12GB data usage.
2nd-10th: $60 x 9 cameras = $540
What is $60:
Adding additional camera at $5 each/ per month x 12 month = $60
So your yearly cost for 10 cameras would be $749.99
If you split it by month, each camera costs $6.19 per month. 
Premium credit included. 
The best pricing in the industry, guaranteed

Each thumbnail image is starting around 50k (640X480). Spartan GoCam offers 640X480 or 1280X960 thumbnail options. Spartan GoCam can transfer 2560X1920 image upon request.

HD resolutions:

3 MP 2048 * 1536
5 MP 2592 * 1944
8 MP 3264 * 2448


The data plan renews when you have used all the data in your plan or your time period expires, whichever comes first. You can cancel your subscription at any time under My Account / Wireless Subscriptions.

This plan includes our Premium service at no extra charge, a $4/month value. Premium service starts/ends on the same day of the month as the data plan.

For Spartan Based Plans they are linked to a specific camera IMEI and SIM card ICCID. Please do not use the camera with a different SIM card or the SIM card with a different camera. Doing so will cause problems with your plan because premium service for a camera is tied to its SIM and IMEI, and they do not transfer to a different camera. You will not be reimbursed for any loss of service that occurs if you swap cameras and cards.

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AT&T Activation

On your web browser, go to
Create an account and log in.
Go to: Shop > DATA SERVICE.
Follow the steps to activate your Camera 

Disclaimer: All plans and rates described above are subject to change without notice. Any plans are found to be in effect as of December 2016. We don’t guarantee that these plans or rates will be available at any point in the future.


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