Black Gate R4g 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

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Black Gate R4g with SD Card

The R4G is built with top of the line 4G/LTE technology. A trigger speed of less than .04 sec makes sure you won’t miss a thing. The R4G offers proprietary Dual Lens and Dual Sensor Technology. Anti-fog lenses and a weatherproof housing, the R4G will continue to perform no matter what mother nature throws at you. Cell plans start as low as $2.50/month. This cell camera is made for everyone.


  • 4G / LTE Module
  • OneSIM Technology – Auto tower detection and one data plan for all major network carriers
  • Low: 8MP Day / 5MP Night
  • Medium: 13MP Day / 8MP Night
  • High: 30MP Day / 12MP Night
  • Trigger Speed <0.4 seconds
  • No Glow 940NM technology
  • Proprietary Dual Lens / Dual Sensor Technology
  • Motion-Blur Technology
  • IP67 Waterproof Technology
  • Anti-fog / Weather-proof housing
  • Requires 12AA batteries (Energizer Ultimate Lithium recommended for longevity)
  • Requires Class 10 U3 SD card up to 64GB
  • External port for solar panel or battery pack
  • Customer service and app support in the USA
  • Easy-to-use Black Gate app for camera management and photo viewing
  • Image download in full HD from the Black Gate app
  • Monthly / Yearly data plans. plans starting as low as $2.50/month

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