DIY Trail Camera External Battery Box Fit 5.5x2.1mm DC Plug

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 Do it yourself trail camera battery box parts kit. Fits Browning, Black Gate R4G, most Moultrie,  Stealthcam, Spypoint, and others using a DC plug size of 5.5.5x2.1mm. We've made it simple for you to source your own parts to build your own external battery box and use a 12v 12ah SLA battery for extended use of your. While cellcams have many variables the affect battery life it's common to see 12000 640x480 size pictures sent to your phone before needing to change out the battery for a fresh one.

Please note. This is not a ready made kit. This is a collection of all the parts necessary for you to build your own box. You will need to drill a 1/2" hole, cut the terminals already on the wire in order to get them through the cable gland and crimp the new ones on to the wire after passing through the gland. 

Instructional Video

Includes the parts used to assemble an external battery box. There are no instructions and it is assumed the user has knowledge of how to construct a battery box.

Included: One HD Tactical Style Box with Pick-n-Pluck foam, one Chew Proof Power Cable with 5.5.5x2.1mm DC Plug, Two F2 Female Connectors and Waterproof Cable Gland

For a rechargeable battery I recommend Power Sonic or UPG brand 12v 12ah. The cheapest place to buy them is ebay and Amazon and you can get a two pack to always have a charged battery ready to swap in. 

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