High Flex Bear Resistant Antenna for Cellular Trail Cameras

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High Flex Antenna for Cellular Trail Cameras

Fits any trail camera with a screw on antenna. Includes an adapter to fit cameras with RP-SMA connections like Spypoint and Tactacam Reveals. It will not fit a Ridgetec

If you are having problems with Bears or coons destroying the antennas or squirrels chewing holes the antennas on your Cellular trail cameras then this may be your solution and the last antenna you have to buy. Of course we can't guarantee a bear or other animal still won't destroy your camera but I can guarantee you won't loose as many antennas to the destructive critters when using these. These antennas are highly flexible and durable. They have a heavyweight metal ferrule and flexible element.  In my personal testing I see no difference in signal but haven't been able to test in low signal fringe areas. I have gotten mixed feedback from users who used it in a low signal area some with no apparent signal loss and others saying it won't work where their paddle antenna did have two bars. The manufacturer suggests that the gain is slightly lower than your their "paddle type" antenna and they are likely not as wide banded so in remote low signal areas the camera may not perform as well. For the Reveal side mount antennas using a security box, these will not fit. You can grind down the diameter of the base to get them to fit.

DISCLAIMER AND WARNING : This antenna is much stronger than the factory antenna. It no longer is a weak link. The camera antenna mounting point will become the weak link when using this antenna. What does that mean. It means that if someone pulls on the antenna hard enough that it will break the camera antenna jack rather than the antenna. This is rare but can happen. Use at your own risk. Herd 360 assumes no liability to a damaged camera. 


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