Plano Field Box Green

Sale price$ 9.99


Trail camera battery box project box. These make great little battery boxes and will hold rechargeable 12v batteries up to 12ah for SLA type batteries or the 20ah Amped Outdoors Lithium battery. Just add a battery cable and a battery and you are set. 

Made In The USA

These High quality Plano ammo cans are extremely handy and great value for money. They are fully waterproof thanks to a O-ring seal running the length of the lid that is firmly secured to the container via a brass latch. Great for keeping your ammo dry and free from dirt. The can itself is built from a high grade plastic compound that is strong and wears very well. Transporting the box is easy using the comfortable heavy duty fold down handle.

This box will carry 6-8 boxes of ammo depending on what caliber you are using.

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