Power Pack 1800 Camera Power Cable

Plug Size: 5.5x2.1mm
Sale price$ 17.99


Replacement or spare cables to specifically fit the Herd 360 Power Pack 1800 external battery box.

Note: These only work with the PP1800 box

Camera Cable Plug Sizes and Voltage 

4.0x1.7mm Fits Spartan GoCam 6v, Tactacam Reveal 12v, Tactacam Reveal X, XB, SK, X Gen 2.0 and X Pro 12v, Barn Owl 12v, Wise Eye 12v, Creative XP 12v, Covert Blackhawk 6v, Camojojo Trace 6v

5.5x2.1mm Black Gate, Browning, Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Moultrie Delta, Covert WC30

4.8x1.7mm Reconyx 12v, Ridgetec 12

5.5x2.1mm Ghost/Golive with Screw On Collar Fits all Ghost and Golive 1 models

Modified 5.5x2.1mm with 14mm long barrel fits Golive 2

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