Trail Camera 12v Battery Box ELite 100

Plug Size (see description for camera fitment): 4.0x1.7mm
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Using our WLC100 HD waterproof box and our Elite wiring harness with stainless steel through the box threaded mounting system and chewproof screw-on power cable gives you a complete ready to use plug-n-play battery box. All you need to do is add a battery and a battery charger if you do not have one. Below is a video I made on battery options available. I do not sell SLA/AGM lead acid rechargeable batteries. They don't store well and and you can purchase them on ebay and Amazon as cheap as I can with free shipping. 

Battery Capacity: SLA-12v 7ah-15ah For Lithium Amped Outdoors 12v 7ah through 12v 20ah and 30ah Wide

Camera Cable Plug Sizes and Voltage 

  • 4.0x1.7mm fits Spartan GoCam 6v, Tactacam Reveal 12v, Tactacam Reveal X, XB, SK, X Gen 2.0 and X Pro 12v,  Barn Owl 12v, Wise Eye 12v, Creative XP 12v, Covert Blackhawk 6v, Camjojo Trace 6v
  • 5.5x2.1mm Black Gate, Browning, Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Moultrie Delta, Covert WC30, Muddy Cams


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