WiseEye Data Cam 2 Plus 32GB SD Card

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Flash Option: IR Low Glow
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WiseEye Data Cam DC-2

New Features

  • Custom WiseEye Camo Pattern – Will disapear against any tree
  • MultiCarrier Connectivity – Linking you to any network, everywhere!
  • 32GB Internal Storage – 32GB of internal storage, expandable with an additional 128GB SD Card for maximum storage capacity
  • ActionShot – Record up to a 5 min HD video on demand – Patent Pending
  • Removable Battery Tray – Supports 12 AA batteries
  • CritterClip – Keep your external power cord from being unplugged by unwanted critters
  • Burst Mode Intervals – Users can set the interval between each burst shot, ranging from 0 to 3 seconds

Same Great WiseEye Features

  • Clearest Cellular Photos and Videos – Without Paying Extra!
  • Built in GPS – for accurate weather data
  • Dual Long-Range External Antennas
  • 100ft. IR Flash & Detection Range
  • No Glow Flash now available 
  • 0.35 Second Trigger Speed
  • 5MP Native Image Sensor with 32MP Images 
  • Comes with HuntControl- The Best Hunting Software Out There!

Introducing ActionShot (Patent Pending) – The feature that puts you in the driver’s seat for capturing those adrenaline-pumping moments. With ActionShot, you can command your DC-2 WiseEye Camera to record up to 5 minutes of high-definition video on demand, all from the palm of your hand using the HuntControl app.

Imagine the thrill of capturing the moment before you take aim at your target buck or witnessing the clash of two bucks right in front of your camera. No more hoping your camera got the shot – with ActionShot, you’re in control. Now, every moment is captured exactly when you want it. With ActionShot, it’s like having your own personal cameraman with you on every hunt. (All ActionShot videos are stored on the cameras internal memory or SD card.)

32GB Internal Storage – Imagine never having to worry about SD cards again! With the DC-2’s built-in 32GB Internal Storage, you have storage ready at all times. And for those who prefer the flexibility of SD Card storage, the DC-2 offers the best of both worlds. By simply adding a 128GB SD card, you can enhance your storage capacity even further, combining the internal and external storage for a total of 160GB. Plus, with our intelligent storage management system, you can rest assured that your most precious memories are always preserved. When space runs low, the DC-2 automatically deletes the oldest images and videos to make room for new ones, ensuring that you never miss a moment.

In the unfortunate event of an SD card failure, the DC-2 seamlessly switches to its internal storage, ensuring that you never miss anything – with the DC-2, reliability is guaranteed.

MultiCarrier Connectivity
 – With MultiCarrier Connectivity, the camera can seamlessly connect to various mobile networks, ensuring reliable coverage even in remote or challenging environments. The WiseEye DC-2 will connect to the best available cellular network including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and more!

WiseEye Custom Camo – Introducing the WiseEye Custom Camo for the DC-2 Camera, for blending seamlessly into any forest environment. Crafted with precision, this camo design ingeniously merges the textures of tree bark with the intricacy of owl feathers, creating a pattern that not only conceals the cameras presence but elevates the camouflage game to new heights. Its natural tones and organic patterns allow the DC-2 to disappear into its surroundings, especially against a tree, giving it the edge you need to get the perfect shot and gather crucial intelligence without being detected. 

Removable Battery Tray – Experience versatility, convenience, and reliability with our DC-2 removable AA battery tray. Preload spare trays (coming soon) for quick and easy battery replacements without interruption.  The removable design ensures effortless battery swaps, minimizing downtime. Built to withstand the elements, rubber seals and gaskets protect your batteries from moisture and dust, ensuring optimal performance outdoors. Additionally, the tray simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Exclusively compatible with the DC-2 model.

With Burst Mode Intervals, users can effortlessly capture a burst of 1-5 images consecutively, tailored to their specific requirements. What sets this feature apart is its unmatched adaptability in timing. Users have full control over the interval between each shot, ranging from 0 to 3 seconds. This empowers you to choose between lightning-fast bursts in under 1 second, ideal for capturing rapid events, or a more spaced-out approach, extending up to 3 seconds between.

Compare to the Original Data Cam

Same Great Quality!

Check out the Data Plans Click Here

All Plans Include

Data Done Differently

It is your data, use it how you see fit.

Want to shoot video and have it sent instantly to your HuntControl Account and Mobile App – Included

Want to request a full size image – Included

Have a question and want to speak with a Human – Included

Each Plan includes a certain amount of data, you can use that data however you like. We help you track how much data you have used and how much you have left. When the data runs out, the cams will automatically deactivate, or you can swap to higher plan, or you can purchase a one time DataBoost, you are always in control. There are no hidden fees, no surprise charges, no gimmicks.

Every additional cameras adds to the data limit, and all plans share the data between the cameras. If you have 10 cams on the Base plan, you will have 1GB of data to use between the cams (10 cameras @ 100MB each).

Use All the Data in your Plan? No Problem

You can Purchase a one time DataBoost instead of upgrading your plan or deactivating your cameras. The DataBoost is shared between all cameras on your account, and you can purchase as many as you may need.

$5 - All Plans

  • Base Plan

    100 MB
  • Weekend Warrior

  • Trophy Hunter


Videos Included in All Plans

A WiseEye Exclusive Feature

  • WVGA, 720P or 1080P Video
  • Up to 20 Seconds Per Video
  • Videos sent automatically, or you can send a thumbnail and request the full file later to save d

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edward Anderson

Nice product... great service!

Mike Kasper
WiseEye Camera

Great place to buy from Mike was out of the country Portugal 🇵🇹 I think .Answered all my Questions on the data cam .Great camera and shipped fast.

Dissatisfied with Wiseeye DC-2

Tried the Wiseeye DC-2 and was not satisfied with the image quality as well the app was buggy. The app was very busy as well and not layered out properly.
I contacted Mike and he allowed me to exchange it for other products he sells. Mike owns and runs a top notch business. I will continue to purchase products from him. Thank you again,

Thank you for your feedback and remaining a loyal customer. I received your camera and activated on my wiseeye account. It's currently working well for me but I do know that WiseEye has been working on some issues where a some users are experiencing the symptoms you described. It is a software issue and doesn't affect everyone. It happens after they add the new cams to their app from what I have heard. I'm also receiving the same picture quality as my other wiseeye cams so I'm unsure what was happening for you. I'm thinking everything you experienced is the app issue they are working on. I'm just happy we were able to work with you have a great season.

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