Wiseeye Extended Long Range Antenna - 6dbi

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Introducing our cutting-edge 6dbi Extended Long-Range Camouflage Antennas, the perfect companion for all WiseEye cameras!


Unleash the Power of Long-Range Connectivity: Experience unparalleled performance with our 6dbi antennas, designed to take your WiseEye camera’s range to the next level. Whether you’re monitoring remote locations or need a discreet surveillance solution, these antennas have you covered.


Camouflage Technology: Blend seamlessly into any environment with our innovative camouflage design. These antennas are not just about exceptional performance; they’re also designed to be inconspicuous, ensuring your surveillance operations remain discreet and effective.


Universal Compatibility: WiseEye’s commitment to versatility means our 6dbi antennas are fully compatible with all WiseEye camera models. Effortlessly upgrade your existing system and extend your camera’s reach without any hassle.


Key Features:


6dbi Gain: Boost your camera’s signal strength for extra long-range reception.

Camouflage Design: Stay hidden in plain sight for covert monitoring.

Universal Compatibility: Works seamlessly with all WiseEye cameras.

Easy Installation: Effortlessly enhance your setup with quick and simple installation.

A 6dbi antenna can be a valuable tool for extending wireless coverage in a specific direction or improving signal quality in certain scenarios. Upgrade your WiseEye camera’s capabilities and maintain the element of surprise with our 6dbi Extended Long-Range Camouflage Antennas. Elevate your surveillance game today!

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