WiseEye Mini Cam 2 Plus 32GB SD Card

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WiseEye MC-2

New Features

  • MultiCarrier Connectivity – Linking You to Any Network, Everywhere!
  • Real Time Communication – Change settings instantly from HuntControl while the camera is in SETUP mode

Same Great WiseEye Feature

  • Clearest Cellular Photos and Videos – Without Paying Extra!
  • High Power External Antenna
  • 0.4 Second Trigger Speed
  • 3MP Native Image Sensor with 12MP Images 
  • 75ft. IR Flash
  • 65ft Detection Range 
  • Up to 15 sec, 1080p videos that can be sent as full videos or as Thumbnail Images
  • Comes with HuntControl- The Best Hunting Software Out There! Learn More

MultiCarrier Connectivity
 – With MultiCarrier Connectivity, the camera can seamlessly connect to various mobile networks, ensuring reliable coverage even in remote or challenging environments. The WiseEye DC-2 will connect to the best available cellular network including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and more!

Real Time Communication – Designed to streamline the setup process for the MC-2. Say goodbye to the hassle of repeatedly toggling between devices during setup – now you can conveniently adjust settings directly from HuntControl, instantly and seamlessly.

With Real Time Communication, you gain the power to fine-tune the MC-2 settings while it’s in SETUP mode, all from the convenience of the HuntControl App. Whether you’re optimizing image resolution or adjusting the motion detection sensitivity, it’s all effortlessly manageable with just a few clicks.

Keep an eye on every adjustment with the camera’s LED light, which blinks in real-time to indicate changes as they occur. This visual feedback ensures you stay informed and in control throughout the setup process, eliminating guesswork and minimizing setup time.

Compare to the original Mini Cam

Same Great Quality!

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