Trail Camera External Battery Box Wiring Kit 5.5mm X 2.1mm Plug Spypoint Stealth Cam Moultrie

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Already have a box? Then the Herd 360 External Battery Box Wiring Kit is the one you need to finish off your trail camera external battery box. Please verify what size DC Plug your camera requires as well as battery voltage. Pay careful attention to polarity when wiring batteries for your camera. Red is positive and black is negative. Herd 360 is not liable for any damage caused to your camera. 
  • 360 Armor Power Cord with 5.5mm X 2.1mm Plug (Some Moutlrie, Stealth Cam, Spy Point)
  • Waterproof Cable Gland
  • 1 Red 1/4" Female Spade Connector
  • 1 Blue 1/4" Female Spade Connector

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