Spartan Battery Box

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Camera Model: Spartan GoCam/Covert Black Hawk 6v
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Model Number: SC-BAT-BX2 and BX12v

In this product: 

x1 | Spartan Camera Battery Box
x1 | 6.5 ft solar connection cord
x1 | 5 ft nature-resistant output cord

The corrosion-resistant Spartan Battery Box is lead-acid compatible, installed with a voltage regulator, and offers charge/reverse protection to guard against a power surge. The push-button status display and built-in LED battery meter keeps you conveniently informed on the internal state of your power source. Along with a 5 ft nature-resistant output cord and heavy-duty latches, the weather/high impact resistant case is all you need to ensure your external battery is long-standing. The Spartan Battery Box is solar charging capable (6.5 ft cord included) and supports a battery appropriate for its applicable camera line.

For a Battery my recommendation is a 12v 18ah  SLA by Power Sonic or Neptune Battery or Universal Battery. I personally purchase mine on ebay from AAA Security. For the GoCam box it has the safety feature built in to supply 6v to the camera. 

Features & Specifications

Compatible With Spartan GoCam Cameras Spartan Ghost & GoLive Cameras
Battery Capacity
(Battery not included)
either 6V or 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries
Output Voltage 6V 12V
Solar charging capable Built in 6.5 ft charging cable Built in 6.5 ft charging cable
Maximum charging voltage 25V 25V
Minimum power 10W 10W
Built-in LED battery meter Yes Yes
Push-button status display Yes Yes
Weather-resistant case Yes Yes
Power output cable 5 ft. weather- and chew-resistant 5 ft. weather- and chew-resistant
Heavy-duty latches Yes Yes
Fold-down handle Yes Yes
Dustproof, crushproof Yes Yes
Resistant to high impact, corrosion, and extreme temperatures Yes Yes
Charging protection Yes Yes
Reverse protection Yes Yes

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