Trail Camera Battery Box Economy Elite

Plug Size (see description or list of camera sizes): 4.0x1.7mm
Battery Options: No Battery Included
Add A Battery Charger: No Battery Charger
Sale price$ 34.99
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We took our Economy Elite DIY kit and assembled it to offer our most affordable plug-n-play battery box to provide long lasting power to all of the Tacatcam and WiseEye cameras as well as Barn Owl and more. With all electrical connections completely sealed, there is nothing exposed on the outside of the box to short out or corrode. This box uses our new Elite wiring harness featuring 100% waterproof stainless steel connections. Completely sealed, the box bulkhead mount uses an oring on the inside to seal out water. A convenient carrying handle makes it simple to transport to the woods and, depending on the battery size used, you can also carry your camera inside. Available with the cable connection on the rear or top, the choice is yours. Battery Options available from Herd 360 are the Amped Outdoors Lithium 15ah, 20ah or 30ah Wide. An amped outdoors lifepo4 charger is required and available to purchase as well. For Sealed Lead Acid Batteries I recommend purchasing on ebay or amazon. They come with free shipping and you won't beat the price. My go-to store for SLA batteries is AAA Security Depot. My preferred SLA battery brand is Power Sonic. I'm not a fan of Mighty Max. Neptune Battery would be my 2nd choice. We are a stocking Amped Outdoors Lithium Dealer and honestly they are the best choice for many reasons. 

Camera Cable Plug Sizes and Voltage 

  • 4.0x1.7mm fits Spartan GoCam 6v, Tactacam Reveal 12v, Tactacam Reveal X, XB, SK, X Gen 2.0 and X Pro 12v,  Barn Owl 12v, Wise Eye 12v, Creative XP 12v, Covert Blackhawk 6v, Camjojo Trace 6v
  • 5.5x2.1mm Black Gate, Browning, Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Moultrie, Moultrie Delta, Covert WC30, Muddy Cams

Batteries that fit this box

  • 12v 7ah-15ah SLA/AGM
  • Amped Outdoors 12v 15ah, 20ah, 30ah Wide


  • Waterproof Field Box with oring seal and carry handle
  • Herd 360 Chewproof Cable with waterproof Stainless screw on connector
  • Fused wire harness with 2a fuse
  • Alligator clip connectors to fit virtually any battery type.

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Customer Reviews

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Tim Crites

Awesome product. Well built and designed perfectly!

Paul Walker

I have yet to deploy the boxes but have used herd 360 DIY kits before with great success. Decided to let them do the work this time. Will add another hole to the box to add a solar charger to the SLA battery I put in the box. The DIY ones I did likewise and a year later they are still showing 100% battery on my Moultrie Edge cameras.



Cloey Griep
Awesome battery boxes

Love that they come ready to go. we've got 9 and they all work and hold up to Minnesota weather. now to order 3 more!

Thank you Cloey for taking the time to write a review and also for trusting in our products.


Excellent product!

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