Universal Trail Camera Cellular Directional High Gain Long Range Booster Antenna

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Directional High Gain Antenna

FIts ALL cellular trail cameras with a screw on antenna including Spartans. Includes an adapter for the RP-SMA antenna connector found on Tactacam Reveal and Spypoint cameras. This directional antenna is the best possible solution to achieve improved or usable signal. The directional antenna is directly pointed at a transmission tower by rotating the antenna and monitoring the received signal until peak reception is achieved. After tuning a signal reception of 8dB to 11dB is possible. In addition to the signal improvement the antenna itself can bring, the included 15’ cable allows the antenna to be placed significantly higher which can also have dramatic improvements in reception. The plastic housing may be painted to reduce its visibility using standard, nonmetallic, spray paint. The included mounting bracket is designed to attach to round piping but is easily modified to mount on a wide variety of surfaces

Real world improvement 1.5-3 bars Actual signal gain: 11 dBi

To download the antenna setup instructions click here.  Antenna Setup Instructions 


  • Directional High Gain Antenna with Pole Mount
  • 15' Coax
  • Adapter to fit RP-SMA antenna jack

Adapter included to fit the antenna connection on the camera like the picture below.


Customer Reviews

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Timothy Swope

Great price


I can't see what I'm typing. But this is an amazing product. I was skeptical but turns out it actually works. I had no signal in the valley but it came up to 2 bars. Now I get pictures. Super happy.

Mark Wurtz
Finally something that works!!!

I have been battling two dual-sim trail cameras for months that only rarely send me a picture or two. I have tried different things, including a highly-reviewed omni-directional antenna, and nothing worked. Yesterday, I installed directional antennas from Herd 360 and instantly I went from 1-bar to 3-bars on both cameras and photos started pouring in. My cameras have a live-streaming feature and that now works as well. I simply installed the directional antennas high up in my trees and used the App “Opensignal” (as recommended in the video link with the antennas) to aim them. It worked like magic!!!

Awesome feedback Mark. Thank you so much for sharing. Send us a picture of your installation and we will share it with others

No signal to 3 bars

I was having service issues at a remote location with my tactacam game camera. Mounted this directional antenna on a 10 ft pole aimed at nearest tower and service immediately increased to 3 bars. Thanks!

Brent, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. You will also enjoy better battery life as a result of the better signal.

John B
Directional camera

Wow went from 3 baes to all 5 on the camera I connected it to.
My other camera nearby is still 3 bars so big improvement.
Definitely recommend the Directional trail camera

John thanks for leaving a review. The increase in signal and even the more consistent connection will give you better battery life and more reliable uploads.

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